[75MB] Manhunt 2 Highly Compressed PPSSPP


Manhunt 2 – PSP ISO Download this is popular rom playing on psp console and emulators, and you can download this game for free, and we provide little description or overview about this game, also with direct links for downloading this game, just look below on this page.

Manhunt2 is among horror video game, the game was published by Rockstar Games, this is the late game released 2007 but this is not official news I tell you.

The game has got three levels where the player will need to perform all of them and each level progressively violent than the last. Player will control villain Leo Kasper whose play the role of Daniel Lamb, where by player must approach an enemy from behind, (undetected) and kill them.

The game has got good textures and graphics, the graphic effect is very good and are extremely dark which looks like granulose, like the old fashioned comics, same to light effects, However the game produces blur which can cost the player to examine what happening in the game.

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After seeing an overview of this game, you can now download the game from link below, Manhut2 Android PPSSPP for free, but read the information and instruction before download the game.



Game Requirements:

ZArchiver Pro Apk App

PPSSPP Gold Emulator App

How to Install/Setup Manhunt2 Android PPSSPP:

First you will need to download two apps, first is PPSSPP Gold Emulator, this will help you to run/open Our  game, second, ZArchiver Pro Apk, this will help you to extract File Format like Zip,Rar and Other

Using ZArchiver Pro Apk, extract the downloaded file, (use “MH2BYMGAMEMAX” as a password to unlock the zip file).

Now open PPSSPP Gold App and go to games, find  folder that locate you game  click on it to lunch the game

Finally lunch the game and enjoy!


What to do when sound chopping or game go slow or stuck?

We write this for you, I don’t sure if this game will work to your PPSSPP Emulator perfect without add below setting, but if you find your game works perfectly when playing don’t change the settings.

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Now Apply this setting to your Emulator “Graphics” Part;

In the top you will see this text “Rendering Mod” now below it you will see “Backend” change it to “OpenGL

Below “Rendering Mod” you will see “Frame Skipping” change it accordingly, you may apply 1 up to 4 frame skipp until the sound ends chopping, then change Frame Skipping type to “Percentage of FPS“.

Now look for another text “Performance” below it you will see “Rendering Resolutuon” change it to 2x PSP, then under “Display Resolution” change to 2x PSP, lastly to this part is “Buffer Graphics” change it up to 2.

Lastly search for this text “Overlay Information” below it you will see “Show FPS counter” change it to Speed or FPS.

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