Bus Simulator: Ultimate APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v2.0.6

Bus Simulator: Ultimate will bring you exciting experiences when you become a professional bus driver. If you are interested in pursuing this driving career or are curious about bus driving, this is an excellent opportunity to have the most authentic experience. Although it is only a virtual game on mobile devices, it is also installed with realistic simulation playing operations in a specific way.

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Drivers are the firm’s distinguishing characteristic, and they are the ones that drive the bus and generate income for the company in addition to the player. They are non-playable characters in this game (NPC).

At the outset, the player must operate on his own, with no assistance from other drivers, because he has just recently established his firm and does not yet have the funds to engage a new driver. Once the player has amassed sufficient funds, he may employ more drivers and put them to work. Drivers are required in order to make additional income. Because they are NPCs, they may be sent to work even while the user is not actively participating in the game, allowing your organization to continue to earn payment from the drivers after they have completed their tasks.


There are up to 19 different buses for you. Depending on your needs, you will choose the cars you love. However, you will not get them for free but pay virtual money to buy these cars. The bigger the vehicle, the more luxurious, with the powerful engine, the more expensive the price will be. You can own multiple cars at the same time to create your fleet of vehicles. Hire a manager to help you run your fleet.


Ultimate owns a car system similar to reality and has accompanying features that are no different from real life. During the driving process, you will have to face passengers with different behavioral styles. All kinds of people will appear on your bus, sometimes even troublemakers. You will need to come up with practical solutions in this case.

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Obeying traffic rules is an essential thing in the game. The traffic system in this game is designed in great detail, with a lane system, toll stations, traffic signs, signal lights, and even police. You need to make sure you run within the allowed speed, do not carry more than the specified number of people, and do not cause an accident on your journey. Through toll booths, you will have to pay the prescribed fee. The more you follow the rules, the more rewards you’ll get at the end.


Ultimate brings you passenger shuttle missions. You will choose your travel route, receive guests on the road and get them safely to their destination. The rich European map system will give you many different options. You can experience the game in many countries, such as the USA, Italy, Germany, Russia, Netherlands, Spain,… Each country will have its transportation system, passenger characteristics as well as entirely different weather. It would help if you had the familiarity and flexibility to handle it all.



You will be able to establish offices in a variety of locations across the globe. The passenger system will deliver Social and Realistic Reactions based on the passengers’ behavior.

19 Coach Bus, 250 radio stations, many toll roads on the highway.

Stations (also known as Zuuks Park in the game) are in-game constructions where players may stop for a rest and food, as well as other services, such as repairing their vehicles.

Realistic traffic, weather, interiors, and sound effects are all included.

Controls are simple (Tilt, Buttons, or steering wheel)

More than 25 different languages are supported.

Bus Simulator: Ultimate APK + MOD1.2 Gb

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